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About Our Store

Game 'n DVD Exchange is a mom and pop store that sells video games and consoles that span across multiple generations! Whether it be from the retro era (NES,SNES,ETC.) to the early 2000 era (PS2,Xbox,Gamecube) to even the current generation (Xbox One, PS4), we have something for every taste! We even go a step farther and have an expansive offering of Blu-Ray movies and other various electronics for you to take a look at!


Large quantites of games that vary across all different platforms and eras.


Expansive collection of media (Blu-Ray).

Other Services

We provide Movie to DVD transfer services as well as service repairs for certain products. Please check out our service pages to find out more!

Premium Selection

Here is a list of our rarer items that we have for sale. Please click on the pictures to view more information on them!

Bubble Bobble Part 2


Mega Man 8




Sword Master


Skies of Arcadia




Mario 2


Mario 3




Mike Tyson Punch Out


Super Mario World


Donkey Kong Country 2


Donkey Kong 64


Mario Baseball


Star Fox Assault


Transfer Home Movies to DVD

Do you have any old family movies, wedding vidoes, home videos, or vacations on video but not on dvd? Well we can help you save those memories by transfering them over to DVD for you to enjoy on any DVD player! Whether it be VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital8, or even 8mm tapes, we can transfer them. Interested? Here is the process to follow to save your memories:

  • First

    Call 610-892-3837

    This call is to get an estimate on cost and labor for your project. What you will need to know is how many vidoes on which format you will want transfered. From here, we can give you an estimated price as well as estimated finishing time (Subject to change).

  • Second

    Drop off your videos.

    Once you have recieved your quote and are satisfied and ready to move forward, you drop off your videos at the stores location: 23 East State Street Media, PA 19063

  • Third


    Depending on the volume or quantity of transfers, wait times should be in line with your quoted time. No need to worry though! We are specialized in doing this and will be working our hardest to get your movies to you ASAP.

  • Last

    Pick Up

    Once we are finished on our end, we'll send you a phone call telling you that your vidoes are ready to be picked up! All you have to do from there is come to pick them up and you're ready to go!


Professional quality rework tools are used; includes infrared and hot air rework systems to repair game consoles and laptops.

Xbox One




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Address: 23 East State Street Media, PA 19063 ‚Äč

Phone: 610-892-3837